Netflix: Disjointed

Social Campaign

Mustache is currently serving as the social Agency of Record for the new Netflix original series Disjointed. Created by Chuck Lorre and starring Kathy Bates at the matriarch of Ruth’s Alternative Caring, a California-based medical marijuana dispensary, Disjointed premiered on August 25th.

#Disjointed Key Objectives

Developing compelling brand voices for key marketing platforms.

Leveraging viral show moments and broader trending topics. 

Producing content that generates awareness, conversations, and sharing.

Turning those conversations into brand advocates and enthusiastic viewers.

Providing ongoing prescriptive analysis to improve content performance.

Social Content

Getting Along

This asset is a video supercut of Netflix characters fighting with Ruth’s Alternative Caring as the antidote. This montages of violence in various Netflix shows tied Disjointed into the Netflix family while introducing what Ruth’s Alternative Caring stands for – how marijuana can stop everyone from being such dicks all the time.

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Social Content

Pride Joint

As another version of our “themed” joints, the rainbow joint gave an LGBTQ+ spin on content for Disjointed’s audience. Love is love.
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Social Content

Now Streaming

This supercut asset was created as a way to excite fans for the series launch. It features all of the principle characters smoking before the “Now Smoking” end card.
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Social Content


Ruth makes her own… unique… version of an ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) video: the experience by which listeners undergo tingling sensations and low-grade euphoria when they hear such stimula as soft, whispered voices and gentle brushing sounds. This content piece generated buzz and took advantage of the popular, bizarre trend.

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Social Content

Get That Paper

We created Zig-Zag rolling paper-inspired sharables to introduce the cast members post-launch. When the animated character blows smoke, the image shifts to the live-action version of that character smoking a joint. Initially featuring principle cast, these were also playfully applied to other characters (e.g. Jake Bone Tae Kwon Doug, etc.)

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Social Content

Fidget Splifer “Theme Joints”

“Themed” joints are multi-purposed assets that were used as Now Streaming videos for Disjointed. The content series capitalized on social trends (i.e. fidget spinner) to promote the show pre and post launch. Spin away.

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