Glo Science

Glo Science
Commercial Campaign

Glo Science, a new entry in the teeth whitening consumer space, was seeking a brand identity that moved beyond simple hygiene or cosmetic beauty. In response, Mustache created a series of videos highlight the warmth, sexiness, inner beauty, and overall happiness that a smile can provide.

Chiefly, the goal was to raise consumer awareness, build loyalty, and drive retail buy-in and sales, but the  Mustache Team also wanted the brand video to get people to genuinely care about this new product. People can buy a lot of products to whiten their teeth, but what they’re really buying is a better smile. What’s behind that smile? That’s the story we wanted to tell – a sweet celebration of why we smile.

Product Videos

Introducing GLO Brilliant

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Product Videos

Introducing GLO Solo

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Product Videos

Introducing GLO Toothpaste

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Product Videos

Introducing Everyday GLO

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