Helping You Connect

Commercial Campaign / Social Campaign

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant helps 20 million people around the world improve their communication every day. In our latest video series for this frequent Mustache partner, we aimed to highlight how clear, concise, and effective communication fuels our most important life connections.

What affects our writing is often invisible, and how that writing affects others is often taken for granted. In this campaign, a playful, omniscient narrator and quirky graphics reveal the many ways that writing directly relates to and impacts our characters’ inner workings and relationships.

Helping You Connect

Brightening Connections

Kira and Zach are collaborating, and using Grammarly along the way.

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Helping You Connect

The Tabs in Dani’s Head

The story of how Dani, a Grammarly user, connects with Tyler, the key to her dream job.

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Helping You Connect

Closing the Distance

Tyler sits just fifteen feet from his boss…though it can feel like the distance to Antarctica.  Grammarly is here to help.

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