Write the Future

Commercial Campaign / Social Campaign

WINNER, Best Advertiser in Video @ 2019 Digiday Video Awards

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant helps 20 million people around the world improve their communication every day.  Already a leader in the space, Grammarly was seeking to cultivate its identity as a lifestyle brand, and forge stronger connections with consumers — but do so without sacrificing performance and growth.  Our team developed Write the Future as a hybrid “brandformance” video series, which would become an overarching creative platform for the brand.

Write the Future spawned three unique series, each supporting Grammarly’s core mission to improve lives by improving communication.

The Results

“Grammarly, the software that promises to improve your writing, has lately been a regular on the Viral Video Chart…”Adweek

“Empowerment as a theme and a well-constructed rollout meant that Grammarly was able to surpass their direct-response benchmarks and further the notion that they are more than a place to check your grammar.”2019 Winner, “Best Advertiser in Video”


100 million+ total views | .2% – .3% CTR | 1% targeted conversion

Write the Future


Mustache created four unique characters and compelling, relatable narratives showcasing the tangible rewards of words well-written.

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Write the Future


Real and dynamic are the keywords that define our spots through the use of naturalistic cinematic style and playful messaging to highlight Grammarly’s key features, versatility, and user-friendly interface.

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Write the Future


We added personality by distinguishing each character’s writing voice and environment(s), allowing for story moments and visuals that were fun but fully grounded in reality.

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Write the Future


“A better future through better communication” — a universal thread in a diverse, polarized world.

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