The Original Cool.

Holland Board of Tourism (USA)
Integrated Campaign / Social Campaign

One of the most successful video content campaigns in the travel space, the award-winning “Holland. The Original Cool.” campaign ran from 2013 to 2016. Mustache’s core assignment was to effectively engage a target audience of young, educated, affluent, urban-skewing travelers to consider Amsterdam–perhaps for the first time–as a preferred travel option, challenging their notions of what experiences Holland had to offer.

Our key insight: What much of our target audience loves and seeks in travel–authentic experiences, artisanal goods and services, cutting edge art and design, eco consciousness, openness, tolerance, and progressive values–has been central to Dutch culture for centuries!

#HollandCool Key Wins

Over 4 million total video views.

Coverage in over 100 online media outlets.

Over 500,000 consumer engagements.

Inbound US arrivals to Holland increased approximately 5% each year from 2013-2015, and a whopping 15% in 2016.




The Tale of Kat and Dog: A Holland Cool Movie

In October of 2016 Mustache released the final edition of the #HollandCool experience:“The Tale of Kat and Dog”.  This 17-minute film presented in a classic three-act structure serves as a touching ode to the Dutch experience and a beautiful coda to #HollandCool

#HollandCool Video Highlights

Episode 1: Can Cool be Taught?

The first in a 3-part series, Holland’s cool ambassador, Pim de Koel, takes one American along for the ride to see if Holland’s cool factor can be taught (even to someone simply on vacation).

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#HollandCool Video Highlights

Episode 2: Can Cool Be Experienced?

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#HollandCool Video Highlights

Episode 3: Can Cool Be Stolen?

The dramatic conclusion!  Pim de Koel is tipped off that Holland’s cool may have been stolen (gasp!), and travels to one of Holland’s coolest cities (Rotterdam) to investigate.

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#HollandCool Video Highlights


One of 10 #HollandCool videos released in 2015, here we explore Kuekenhof Gardens.  With over 7 million tulips, Europe’s largest flower garden will cure your worries and brighten your day with its endless fields of beautiful bulbs. How many bulbs? Over 3 billion produced every year!

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#HollandCool Video Highlights

Van Gogh

Art lovers need look no further than Holland to find one of the most original, most cool Dutch master painters.

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#HollandCool Video Highlights

Dutch Lessons with Pim: Holland

A series of micro videos, Pim mentors us in some of his very favorite things.

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#HollandCool Video Highlights


“Oh my god I can’t stop eating it!”  This comically intense faux trailer screened to live audiences in front of The Tale of Kat and Dog‘s NYC premier.

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#HollandCool Video Highlights

Coolness Complete

Under the tutelage of Pim, one lucky American has learned the ways of #HollandCool.  Are you next?

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