The Original Cool.

Holland Board of Tourism (USA)
Integrated Campaign

One of the most successful video content campaigns in the travel space, the award-winning “Holland. The Original Cool.” campaign ran from 2013 to 2016. Mustache’s core assignment was to effectively engage a target audience of young, educated, affluent, urban-skewing travelers to consider Amsterdam–perhaps for the first time–as a preferred travel option, challenging their notions of what experiences Holland had to offer.


#HollandCool Key Wins

Over 4 million total video views.

Coverage in over 100 online media outlets.

Over 500,000 consumer engagements.

Inbound US arrivals to Holland increased approximately 5% each year from 2013-2015, and a whopping 15% in 2016.




The Tale of Kat and Dog: A Holland Cool Movie

In October of 2016 Mustache released the final edition of the #HollandCool experience:“The Tale of Kat and Dog”.  This 17-minute film presented in a classic three-act structure serves as a touching ode to the Dutch experience and a beautiful coda to #HollandCool

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