You’ve Got Better Things to Do

Commercial Campaign

A leading app that offers same-day grocery delivery service, Instacart allows customers to make purchases from a variety of retailers, and have the order promptly delivered by a personal shopper. Instacart was looking for a partner to produce polished video assets for their social channels that were engaging and influential.


The guiding insight for this project was simple: by delegating grocery shopping to Instacart, you actually do those “better things”, and focus on what’s truly important in life.  Our hybrid approach married elevated, cinematic storytelling with traditional DR (direct response) tactics, delivering a highly shareable, memorable series of spots.


Let’s get our cake delivered by Instacart and eat it too by telling life stories that only happen because they’re taking care of our protagonist’s groceries. Each spot has a narrative arc that follows a lovable character pursuing a goal, with Instacart helping them along the way.

The result? Film-level ad units that at once clearly show the ease of using Instacart, while also giving our audience human, entertaining content they’ll stick around for.

You’ve Got Better Things to Do

“Meet Cute” Full-length Hero

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You’ve Got Better Things to Do

“Meet Cute” Cutdown :30s

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You’ve Got Better Things to Do

“Intergalactic Travel” Full-length Hero

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You’ve Got Better Things to Do

“Intergalactic Travel” Cutdown :30s

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