Netflix - Paradise PD
911 Calls

Mustache made a viral hit.

See what had happened was Netflix tapped Mustache to conceive and execute the social campaigns for Paradise PD — a new animated series from the creators of cult favorite Brickleberry.

And then something blew up.

Mustache had ideated a series of fake 911 calls inspired by the showrunners’ direction. The social team wrote and recorded a series of original calls. The familiar format was naturally dynamically subbed and allowed us to create narrative extensions for a variety of social platforms, including one video that quickly climbed to Netflix’s #2 post on TikTok.

300M views later, Paradise PD: Best Emergencies Ever became Netflix’s most successful Facebook Watch page (RIP FB Watch). Netflix Is A Joke licensed the series, and we continued to create the calls for Season 2 in 2020. Seems fair to call it a success.

Paradise PD – Series

Paradise PD – 911 Calls – Call #1

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Paradise PD – Series

Paradise PD – 911 Calls – Call #4

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