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Vogue / CFDA
Web Series

Mustache partnered with Condé Nast Entertainment and Vogue to reimagine the Fashion Fund series for the web. While maintaining the heart of the series — talented designers competing to win a $400,000 prize and the honor being the Fashion Fund winner — Mustache added some fun, behind-the-scenes segments in the offices of Vogue and at the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The overall idea was to give the series a September Issue, insider-y feel. The end result is a series that feels renewed and has out performed all the previous cycles of the Fashion Fund (together) both on social and across all the digital platforms where it lives.


What is Fashion Fund?
A tasteful, competition reality series competition with truly talented competitors and accomplished judges, The 2016 Fashion Fund follows ten up-and-coming designers through challenges and presentations, as well a star-studded group fashion show. The Mount Olympus of Fashion — Anna Wintour, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons, Andrew Rosen, Mark Holgate, Ken Downing, Eva Chen and others — probe the designers’ taste, their marketing skills, and assess their business acumen before finally agreeing on a winner. The series culminates at New York’s Spring Studios where fashion world luminary Michael Kors and superstar Zendaya announce the winners–streamed live on Facebook to over 100,000 people.


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