In for 13

Commitments to Change

In support of the In For 13 Pledge, we at Mustache commit to change
in support of a more equitable and representative workforce.

Mustache Representation: We are following the EEOC federal reporting guidelines for both diversity and gender data. Mustache data is from October 2020.


Level by Race


Level by Gender Identity

We will strive to be progressive leaders in this space. We want to continuously provide safe spaces, education, and attract the best talent globally. Our action items are as followed:

Internal education and training for our staff to better understand systems of racism, bias and discrimination.

Evolving our hiring practices (including freelancers, production personnel and casting) to ensure greater diversity at all levels.

Partnerships with external diversity mentorship programs that help those most in need of representation.

Pro Bono services for BIPOC-owned small businesses and/or organizations in support of dismantling systemic oppression.

Our goal is not to be stagnant, but to constantly evolve what we believe is a diverse and inclusive workforce to exceed the current standard of today.