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Most Expensivest

2 Chainz travels wide and lives richly, experiencing the most ridiculous & jaw-dropping luxury around. Season 2 coming soon!


Originally produced as a web series for GQ & Condé Nast, then evolved into a half-hour TV series for VICELAND, Most Expensivest marked Mustache’s breakthrough into primetime long-form content. Hosted by rapper 2 Chainz, the show takes an absurdist dive into the oddest and most jaw-dropping corners of high-end luxury.


The series continues to gain TV popularity as a marquee show for VICELAND and also boasts a massive web presence, tallying over 240 million total online views and counting.


Season 2 is currently in production and slated for premiere later in 2018.

TV Series Season 1 Scenes

2 Chainz Talks Big Ballin’ with Robin Leach

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TV Series Season 1 Scenes

A Topgolf Flex with 2 Chainz and Vic Mensa

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TV Series Season 1 Scenes

TYS Uncensored Kitchen Scene

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TV Series Season 1 Scenes

Bill of Health Air Scene

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