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Brand USA

Branded Content | Integrated Campaign

Winner: 2019 Adrian Awards | Gold Medal, Integrated Marketing Campaign for Consumers  

Music is the sound of culture, and everywhere you go in the USA you’ll hear the energy of real places overflowing with local personality. From guitar licks to banjo picks, and brass horns to thumping bass, music opens the door to amazing discoveries around every corner. With this in mind, we asked musicians across the country to reimagine a selection of classic American songs — “Do You Wanna Dance?” by Bobby Freeman, “Boogie Shoes by K.C. and the Sunshine Band, and “What I Like About You” by The Romantics — in their own unique style, as the lynchpin of an international tourism campaign for @VisitTheUSA.


The campaign went on to integrate additional platform-specific elements (FB, IG, Youtube, Vevo, Spotify and more) including short-form city docs, interactive ad units, display media, and long-form OTT content, all serving to provide consumers with a memorable window into the incredible diversity of travel possible in the USA.

Hear The Music

Detroit, Michigan (City Doc)

A cultural epicenter with roots in Motown music, Omar Aragones explores the sights and sounds of Detroit.

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Hear The Music

Owensboro, Kentucky (Music Video)

Owensboro’s The Wooks share their take on “What I Like About You”.

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Hear The Music

Jackson, Mississippi (City Doc)

Grammy-nominated Cedric Burnside shares his favorite parts of this southern city.

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Hear The Music

West Hollywood, California (Music Video)

Rocker Kat Meoz crushes “Boogie Shoes”, West Hollywood-style.

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Experience the USA

Portland, Oregon

Discover all the good vives of Portland, Oregon, through Reptaliens’ indie rock rendition.

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Experience the USA

Atlanta, Georgia

Feel the raw energy and love of Atlanta, Georgia, through Cam James and his hip-hop take.

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Experience the USA

Denver, Colorado

Listen to Bass Physics’ take on the song, inspired by Denver’s nightlight and incredible nature.

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Experience the USA

Houston, Texas

Nathan Quick’s interpretation brings one of the USA’s oldest musical styles (blues) to life in Houston, Texas.

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Experience the USA

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Calma Carmona takes the song to Puerto Rico for an enchanting look at San Juan’s beautiful sights and sounds.

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Experience the USA

Season 1 Campaign Teaser

A 30-second “trailer” for the initial 2018 campaign, across five cities.

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“The heart of this campaign lies with the five emerging artists selected to bring the sound of their respective city to life” [The Drum]


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