Discover Your Aloha

Expedia and the Hawaii Tourism Authority

Branded Content | Integrated Campaign

Expedia and the Hawaii Tourism Authority partnered with Mustache to create an epic campaign showcasing the spirit of Hawaii — the Aloha spirit. Our goal was to leverage dynamic video and technology to strengthen the position of Hawaii and all of its unique islands as a top travel destination full of culture, adventure, serenity, and love. The expansive nature of the campaign sets out to prove that, in Hawaii, Aloha means more than just hello and goodbye… it’s a way of life.

Mini Spots

The Discover Your Aloha microsite experience integrates gorgeous, immersive video with cutting-edge facial recognition software provided by project partner agency, Realise. Viewers’ reactions to the video are evaluated in real time to determine what kind of traveler they are and direct them to the relevant content (and suggestions of ideal travel adventures).


Mustache produced three videos represented by an animal guide significant to Hawaiian culture: ’Iwa (Bird): Hawaii’s all-knowing guide; He‘e (Octopus): Hawaii’s loving spirit; Pua‘a (Pig): Hawaii’s bold adventurer.

Hawaii Animal Guide


Hawaii’s all-knowing guide

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Hawaii Animal Guide


 Hawaii’s loving spirit

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Hawaii Animal Guide


Hawaii’s bold adventurer

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