Jersey Shore:
It’s Animated B*tch!


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In honor of the Jersey Shore crew getting back together for the new MTV series, Jersey Shore: Family Reunion, Mustache partnered with MTV and animation house, Cartuna, to write, produce, and edit The Jersey Shore’s greatest hits into juiced up promos with high octane animation. The result is next level, bro – They’re basically the video translation of a vodka Red Bull.

Animated Promos

The Clog

Clogs are more terrifying than ever in this spooky remix of the infamous bathroom whodunnit.

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Animated Promos

Mike vs The Wall

Mike sees a fantastical vision after a battle in the age old struggle between Man and Wall.

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Animated Promos

Snooki vs Angelina

Even the duck phone picks a side in this historic fight between The Shore’s greatest warriors.

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Animated Promos

The Letter

Snooki and JWoww’s top secret mission was going so well, until it wasn’t.  

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Animated Promos

Where’s The Beach?!

We gave Snooki’s legendary beach search a monster makeover.

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