It’s An Airline


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KLM came to Mustache with a problem: Despite a history dating back to 1919 (the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name) many North Americans simply didn’t know who they were. So, we have created a campaign addressing the issue straight on: “KLM: It’s an airline.”

The campaign and its “boldly unambitious” messaging combined videos, digital assets, and a microsite to memorably define all flight-related concepts (airport, flight attendant, airline).  All the simple, obvious things that really shouldn’t need defining.


As seen in the New York Times:

To Bolster KLM’s Identity, a ‘Charmingly Clueless Approach’ to Humor

The Campaign

The video series, which generated over a million views across Youtube and Facebook and massive awareness for the brand on social media, centered around a charmingly sincere, blissfully unaware host played by Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer, Party Down, etc.) who believes that with a few utterly simple ideas, we can change the world.  (Or at least change whether or not you know that KLM is an airline.)


It’s an Airline

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It’s an Airport

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It’s a Flier

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It’s a Flight Attendant

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