Me! the Movie

Cognizant Interactive


Mustache and Cognizant Interactive leadership partnered with Adobe to turn a 40 x 40 booth into a miniature movie studio at the 2019 Adobe Summit, delivering a real-time content demonstration that had Las Vegas buzzing.


The hook: on-site creation of epic, bespoke movie trailers for conference attendees, with the choice to become a) the hero in an apocalyptic action movie, b) a quirky protagonist in an arthouse film, c) an evil robot in a sci-fi horror, or d) a mysterious suspect in a crime thriller — each spot fully personalized based on user responses.


Participants received a unique and shareable video, as well as an unforgettable “on-set” experience that wowed them with the creative possibilities of the Mustache production team powered by the Adobe suite of products.

“For sheer daring, you couldn’t beat what Cognizant Interactive was doing in its booth on the exhibition floor.”  — ChannelFutures.com


“Me! The Movie” was nothing short of a wild success for Cognizant Interactive. Lines formed within the first 20 minutes, with VIP clients booked throughout the event. Participants gushed about how much they loved their videos. Even the CEO of Adobe stopped by for a photo op! The activation reached 79% of Summit attendees & engaged 58%. On social, coverage & content led to 15.9M impressions. And the experience opened $25M+ of business pipeline for Cognizant Interactive in just 20 hours of booth activity!


Sci-fi Horror

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Crime Thriller

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