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Does the way we work… work?
Or can we make it work for what we want, and what we need?

monday.com enables teams to work together in ways never imagined possible. With a Work OS that’s flexible and agile, you can build whatever you need—to work however you need.

So, when monday.com asked us to generate a buzzy, positive Super Bowl campaign and draw national attention to the brand during the first half of the Big Game, we knew just how to “tackle” the brand’s story of limitlessness.

In just over two months, from concepts to delivery, we assembled a mind-bending creative campaign that included a :60 hero spot and :30 broadcast cut, a 360 strategy, a footage library for D2C paid acquisition content, a BTS film, and a suite of social assets.

Oh, and of course, we managed that workflow in monday.com.


Super Bowl Broadcast :30

When monday.com lets you work without limits, you can bend the limits of reality. Or build a new one. (We actually built 4.)

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Behind The Scenes

5 scripts. 4 shoot days. 95 crew members. 10 stunt performers. Start to finish in 4 weeks. We admit it, we like numbers.

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monday.com Social Assets

Work In All Dimensions GIF

Building your own work universe can keep your head spinning.

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monday.com Social Assets

Billboard Cinemagraph

Just when you think it’s safe to share your screen on a giant billboard…

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monday.com Social Assets

A helping hand, and a hand, and a hand…

monday.com brings automations to life, over and over monday.com brings automations to life, over and over.

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