Animation | Integrated Campaign

Advertising is sometimes accused of aiming for the lowest common denominator. Always happy to flip the script, Mustache has done exactly the opposite for MongoDB.

MongoDB Atlas is one of the most advanced cloud database services built for app developers. Atlas’ tools and plugins allow teams to work in the data types, languages, and with the tools they already use, without additional friction. That adds up to increased productivity.

But we knew a lofty, inspiring message wouldn’t resonate with our highly technical and highly skeptical audience. So we went deep on specialized, insider knowledge and channeled our communications into an eclectic mix of visual mediums that developers already love.

In a way, our writing was testing the audience, challenging them to keep up. So we’ll test you. Can you tell what media our target over-indexes on? (Answers for those who hate tests: RPGs like World of Warcraft, adult cartoons like Rick & Morty, and of course time in front of coding interfaces.)



Think of these as explainer videos for people who don’t need managed data platforms explained to them.

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Code in Over 30 Languages

Dungeons & Dragons, anyone?

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Code to the Beat

Coders gonna code, and MongoDB Atlas lets them use any language they want.

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