Awaken Great Sleep


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Mattress brands tend to talk about sleep in a sleepy, boring way. But that ignores the universal human truth that SLEEP IS AMAZING.

So for Nectar, an up-and-coming DTC mattress brand, Mustache flipped the category conventions and created the world’s first Motivational Sleeper, Yawn Yawnson. A Silicon Valley dropout turned self-help guru, Yawn wrote the book on sleep. Literally. It’s called Power Nap. And we’re told he can cure insomnia by simply shouting his catchphrase, “Sleep Your Truth!”

Yawn and his world of superfans–who are, of course, called BedHeads–carried through every piece of the full-funnel campaign, which ranged from hero video ads of differing lengths, and a whole host of mobile-first, sound-off assets tailored to Facebook & Instagram (numbering 35 total assets).

Awaken Great Sleep


Enter the rockstar world of Yawn Yawnson and his fans, The Bedheads. 

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Awaken Great Sleep

Free Yourself

Value props? Check.

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Awaken Great Sleep

Now This

We’re not gonna say Yawn was “fake news” but you get the idea.

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