Paradise PD

Best Emergencies Ever

Comedy / Social Campaign

Netflix tapped Mustache to conceive and execute the Season 1 social campaign for Paradise PD — a new animated series from the creators of cult favorite Brickleberry.  Along the way, something blew up, and Mustache had a viral hit on its hands.


The source was a series of fake, “in-world” 911 calls. The team wrote one, recorded it, and created a Facebook Watch page to support. It did pretty well. Another was made, and performed even better. A third followed…and the whole thing exploded.  Before long, thousands of viewers were clicking, watching, tagging, sharing, and laughing at the hapless Paradise residents, and the exasperated 911 dispatchers tasked with serving them.


120M views and over 500,000 subscribers later, Paradise PD: Best Emergencies Ever became Netflix’s most successful Facebook Watch page. Netflix Is A Joke licensed the series, and we continued to create the calls for both platforms. Seems fair to call it a success.

Key Wins

The highly successful launch of a Facebook Watch, which as of February 2019 has generated over 518,000 follows and 120+ million views.


All told, the 911 series has generated over 160 million views and counting across all platforms.


This contributed to fully organic growth of show-specific social accounts for Facebook, Facebook Watch, Instagram, and Twitter totaling more than 672,000 new follows.

911 Carousel

The Break-in

A man reported a break in, but he found a friend.

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Gotta love this guy. #freedarnell
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Knife Hands

Your hands are not what you think they are.
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Local woman learns envy is a sin.
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