Branded Content / Comedy

Retailmenot, a leader on the online coupon and discount space, was seeking a content strategy to drive social buzz and increase brand awareness & consideration largely amongst its target demographic – women in their 30s and 40s with discretionary income, but a desire to spend more wisely. Mustache responded with a series of faux advice videos starring Erin and Sara Foster (Barely Famous) to tell the world about the ridiculous ways they save money.


We integrated Retailmenot branding sparingly to avoid an overly commercial feel, using Retailmenot “WTF Am I Spending Money On” facts (everyone spends an average of $18 on coffee per week!), showing the RMN app, and doling out tongue in cheek advice like, “You could sneak into a co-worker’s office and steal their coffee…or you could just go to Retailmenot.com.”

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