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Make a Secret

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Integrated Campaign

AMResorts was seeking to, for the first time, bring its Secrets Resorts & Spas collection to television audiences as part of a dynamic, 360 degree advertising campaign.  The goal was to position Secrets as the #1 Luxury Resort Brand for Romance.  In response, Mustache developed a concept, “Make a Secret”, based around those secrets that only lovers share—their intimate moments, their secluded hideaways, their discreet touches that the outside world will never know about


“Make a Secret” recognized that there’s nothing more romantic than having these secrets, and recalling them with the exchange of a knowing smile or a charged glance.  And Secrets Resorts is the ideal luxury destination for couples to make a secret—or many.

“Make a Secret” Key Wins

The Campaign ran for 4 weeks with the Hero broadcast spot airing during top network programs including Scandal, Dancing with the stars, Empire, and The Voice

Overall, the “Make a Secret” campaign contributed to an 87% increase in website sessions, a 117% increase in new user visits, a 112% increase in website sessions from organic search, and an astounding 2309% increase in website sessions from paid search.



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“Make A Secret” – Full Length Commercial Spot

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