Stella Artois & NY Times’ T Brand Studio

Host One To Remember

Stella Artois

Branded Content

T Brand Studio, the brand marketing unit of the New York Times, partnered with Mustache to write, produce, and edit a series of stylized videos for Stella Artois’ Host One To Remember campaign. Featuring the best minds in hosting, this series serves as an in-depth dive into what it takes to create a truly unforgettable evening.


The Host One To Remember series stars four hosts with distinct hosting personalities, which we distilled into easily digestible hosting philosophies. The challenge was to create a series that combines the action points of a How-To with the elevated aesthetic of New York Times’ T Brand Studio and the approachable sophistication of Stella Artois. In each piece we positioned Stella Artois as a co-host, whether it was the photographic subject to inspire an evening’s aesthetic, or a tasteful addition to the main course.

Host One To Remember

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is a Golden Globe-winning actress who exudes a warmth that makes everyone feel at home. After hearing about her heritage and big family gatherings, we created an authentic evening with Gina’s actual family and friends, with food, games, and music they love. Oh, and dancing. So much dancing.

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Host One To Remember

Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang is an eating designer who drives to bring people closer to their food and each other through sensory dining experiences. We worked with her directly to create an experience she’d been dreaming up for a while — an igloo of ribbons and a tied-together toast.

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Host One To Remember

Paul Octavious – ‘A Feast For The Eyes.’

Chicago-based photographer, Paul Octavious, creates entire evenings based on photographs. We focused on his visual approach to hosting, building a story around the pillars of color scheme, composition, and lighting.

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Host One To Remember

Jonah Reider

Jonah Reider is an improvisational chef who creates five-star evenings in his own home, even when his ‘home’ was a dorm room.  To capture the real feeling of being at Jonah’s table, we filmed in his Brooklyn home, invited him to play his own soundtrack, and created a free-flowing structure that could (and did) change at a moment’s notice.

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