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You Are The Champions

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Everybody knows Queen. But not everybody knows the true, amazing, inspiring, and frankly kinda moving depth of fandom that Queen has inspired around the world.

Mustache partnered with Youtube Music and Mass Appeal to create a platform that gave these fans not only a voice but a unique opportunity to be part of new official music videos for some pretty old songs. We call it “You Are The Champions.”

Dancers. Musicians. Graphic artists. We received over 10,000 submissions from 121 different countries. And the videos themselves got over 4.3 million total views in the first 10 days from release. But it’s not the numbers that make this important. It’s the vibe.

In a world of cynicism and snark (especially online), we’re very proud to have unleashed this beautiful wave of positivity and inclusion. Hope you enjoy!

You Are The Champions

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

Fans don’t just listen to Queen. They play Queen, on just about every instrument you can name.

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You Are The Champions

“Don’t Stop Me Now”

Fans rock out to moves created by Polly Bennett, the choreographer for Bohemian Rhapsody.

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You Are The Champions

“A Kind of Magic”

Over 2700 visual artists shared their joy and talent.  Magic, indeed.

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The Results

“…You Are the Champions” feels especially epic and inclusive, a cut above most experiences in this vein.”Muse


10,000 submissions


From 121 different countries


And over 4.3 million total video views in the first 10 days from release.